Amatsu Kanata
Profile 111
Amatsu Kanata
Character Information
Faction Sweet
Class 3
Club Student Council
Birthdate Sep 17
Horoscope Virgo
Height 162cm (5'4")
Weight 49kg
B-W-H 85-54-80cm
井上喜久子 (Inoue Kikuko)

Introduction Edit

Third-year student and student council president who is extremely popular. She is kind and calm and very naive. She is indecisive and basically useless in practical work, but since no one will refuse her requests she is an important asset for the student council.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Role in anime Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Favorite Subject: Modern Literature
  • Hobbies: Ordering From Mail Order Catalogs and Drinking Tea
  • Favorite Food: Black Honey Mochi
  • Hated Food: Tom Yum

Cards Edit

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