Kagami Matsuri
Profile 103
Kagami Matsuri
Character Information
Faction Sweet
Class 2
Club Tennis
Birthdate Jul 1
Horoscope Cancer
Height 153cm (5'0")
Weight 44kg
B-W-H 73-53-78cm
Rie Kugimiya

Introduction Edit

Raised by a strict family, she has a high-handed manner of speaking. While a sweet girl at heart, she can come off a selfish towards others. Her tennis skills are so great her underclassman, Ogura Megumi calls her "amazing".

Appearance and Personality Edit

Role in anime Edit

Matsuri Kagami is a second year Student at Seio High School. She is in Class 2B, alongside with main Character Kokomi Shiina. Just like her game counterpart she is in the Tennis Club.

Her more noticable appearance was in episode 2, where she joins the "diet alilance" to lose weight. Which fails misarable after Akane Sakurai unintentionaly force her to eat melon bread. Later in the episode with the rest of the alliance gain advice fromn model Nao Miyoshi, seemly solving her problem.

Her other noteworthy apperance is in episode ten. Where she interviewed by Akane, since she one of the candidate likely to be chosen as one of the participant for the Seio beauty contest. And later just like Akane predicted, she was chosen for the contest.

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