Kamijou Rui
Profile 30
Kamijou Rui
Character Information
Faction Cool
Class 2
Club Kyuudou
Birthdate May 2
Horoscope Taurus
Height 158cm (5'2")
Weight 44kg
B-W-H 70-53-73cm
渡部優衣 (Watanabe Yui)

Introduction Edit



A 2nd year that belongs to the Archery Club. She has a strong mentality with a straight forward personality. She is viewed as having a tsundere-type personality towards the player, meaning that she appears harsh and violent on the outside but bears affection on the inside.

Considered to be the player's childhood friend as stated on her first card.

Trivia Edit

  • Favorite Subject: English
  • Hobbies: Solving Wire Puzzles
  • Favorite Food: Takoyaki
  • Hated Food: Jasmine Tea

Cards Edit

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