Kurokawa Nagiko
Profile 52
Kurokawa Nagiko
Character Information
Faction Cool
Class 2
Club Light Music
Birthdate Feb 2
Horoscope Aquarius
Height 158cm (5'2")
Weight 48kg
B-W-H 79-56-81cm
後藤沙緒里 (Gotou Saori)

Introduction Edit

軽音部の2年生。; ガールズバンド「にゅーろん★くりぃむそふと」での担当楽器はベース。; 普段は口数が少なく品行方正だが、盛り上がってくるとベースを振り回したり激しくシャウトしたり別人のようになる。

Description Edit

A 2nd year whom affiliated to the Light Music Club. She played the bass guitar for their all-female band "Neuron ★ Cream Soft." Whom the player supported them.

Has a calm personality, but when she is on "punk-style", her personality changes especially on stage performance. She also prefers punk and heavy metal music.

Loves to drink Dr.Pepper to a point she drinks 12 cans a day.

Cards Edit

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