Lee Chunyan
Profile 34
Lee Chunyan
Character Information
Faction Pop
Class 2
Club Chinese Martial Art
Birthdate Oct 11
Horoscope Libra
Height 160cm
Weight 48kg
B-W-H 82-58-85cm
阿部玲子 (Abe Reiko)

Introduction Edit

A Chinese foreign exchange student. She works part time as a delivery girl for a Chinese restaurant. She likes pork buns and knows how to make them herself. She claims to be the best at Kenpo, however, she refuses to take part in the martial arts club's competitions.

Trivia Edit

  • Favorite Subject: Physical Education
  • Hobbies: Watching Martial Arts Movies
  • Favorite Food: Chinese Steamed Buns
  • Hated Food: Pizza

Cards Edit

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