Ooyama Mayuri
Profile 56
Ooyama Mayuri
Character Information
Faction Pop
Class 1
Club Karate
Birthdate Oct 25
Horoscope Scorpio
Height 155cm
Weight 46kg
B-W-H 77-58-77cm
大久保瑠美 (Ookubo Rumi)

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Description Edit

A 1st Year student affiliated to the Karate Club.

She wore a skirt usually shorter than most of the students, which in fact she is wear spats (bike shorts). She has a tendency to end her sentences in 「ッス」(ssu) as well as speaking in a semi-honorific manner.

Despite of her tomboyish-like personality, she has a girly-side as seen in some her cards, but not willing to show it except to the player himself.

Cards Edit

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