Sakurai Akane
Profile 43
Sakurai Akane
Character Information
Faction Pop
Class 2
Club Broadcast
Birthdate Nov 20
Horoscope Scorpio
Height 160cm
Weight 48kg
B-W-H 85-58-87cm
佐藤利奈 (Satou Rina)

Appearance and Personality Edit

Role in anime Edit

Just like her game counterpart Akane is a Second Year Student at the Seio Highschool. She is the Figurehead of the broadcast club, as she is the one making most of the announcement. In this anime she is in Class 2-C alongside with girls like Rei Shinome or Nao Miyoshi. She is a very cheerful and bright girl and is also well liked by her fellow classmates.

She appears in episode 2, where we find out she is not very perceptive, as she first does not realize that Shiina had a problem to talk about weight at that point of time and also misinterpreted the Diet Alliance's main goal. To lose Weight. As she offer them a wagon full of melon bread at the time, where they did not want to eat.

In episode 4 she starts to have more of a role. She finds alongside Isuzu Shiranui five lost cats. She would soon comes up with the idea to find owners for them. She would soon get to find 5 Girl that has the desire to taker care of them, but because the parent of said girls would only allow to keep them, under the condition that they would improve their Grades. So Alongside with Isuzu and the other Girls, she would help those Girls to improve their grades, so that the Kitten could have something they could call home. While there was some difficulty along the road, as the personality of certain girls would prevent them from studying for a large portion of the time, she would still succeed at helping them improve their Grades, thus meeting the condition to keep the cats.

In Episode 10 she was chosen as the main commentator for the Seio beauty contest. In order to make the event fun for everyone, she interviewed some of the girls that are most likely to win, like Kokomi Shiina, Chloe Lemaire and Matsuri Kagami. But to her surprise, she was also nominated for the contest, duo to her popularity, so she had to resign her duty as a commentator. It was now up to her fellow club member and one of her closest friends, Tomo Oshii, to take over that role. At first her friend was not too thrilled to take over, as she had not the confidence to do so, but Akane encouraged her to keep on and in the end it became a fun event for everyone.

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